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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get college credit with the CLEP exam?

Take a CLEP Exam with Remote Proctoring Learn How to Start Earning College Credit How to Request a Transcript Get COVID-19 Updates Site Topics CLEP Exams Explore the variety of credit-granting exams that CLEP offers. Read more about CLEP Exams Earn College Credit Earning college credit with CLEP exams can help you afford and complete college.

What do you need to know about the College Composition CLEP?

Check with your Educational Officer! The College Composition CLEP tests your ability in identifying errors in existing sentences and passages. You will need to have a basic understanding of good sentence structure, but will not necessarily be asked to explain "why" you chose the answer you did.

Which is the best brochure to promote CLEP?

Take-One Brochure: Shorten Your Path to a College Degree Student brochure to promote CLEP on your college campus. PDF Document595.82 KB Supporting Academic Success in Higher Education

How to take the CLEP exam with Remote Proctoring?

Take a CLEP Exam with Remote Proctoring CLEP Remote Proctoring Requirements Registering for a CLEP Exam with Remote Proctoring What to Expect with Remote Proctoring Composition and Literature American Literature Analyzing and Interpreting Literature College Composition College Composition Modular English Literature Humanities World Languages

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