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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IDOC stand for on College Board?

IDOC is a service that collects family financial documents and distributes them to institutions on behalf of the student.

How do you select a student for IDOC?

You select the students you want to participate in IDOC by submitting an electronic file or linking your service to CSS Profile. You tell us which forms you want your applicants to submit and the date you need them. We contact students on your behalf and they send documents directly to us.

How can I submit family documents through IDOC?

If you are required to submit family documents through IDOC, you will receive an email from the College Board with both the link to the service and instructions on logging in. Only students whose institutions require them to use IDOC to submit financial documents can log in to the IDOC site. Logging in is easy.

How does IDOC save time and money for students?

IDOC saves time and money and improves service to students: IDOC provides quick turnaround time. IDOC data is accurate. Students submit their files only once and the images and data are available to all participating IDOC schools, simplifying the aid application process for the family.

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