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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about college planning?

The process also requires self-reflection and spending time looking at public and private colleges, online learning, and other forms of higher education that you may not have considered previously. The following sections highlight college planning fundamentals, which you can consider to create a custom college plan.

What are the advantages of starting college planning early?

Starting early gives you two distinct advantages. First, you have time to change your mind and adjust your plans accordingly. Second, you can select high school courses and extracurricular activities that can make you a competitive applicant at your target college or university. Institutions of higher education may seem identical at first glance.

How are college planning meetings held on Skype?

Meetings are held via Skype video call. Through this evaluation, explore possible ways to overcome challenges and achieve your objectives. After the meeting time and date are arranged, an invoice with payment link will be emailed to you. Payment is required within 24 hours to hold the reserved meeting time. I was admitted ED!

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