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Frequently Asked Questions

What scholarships are still available?

What Do I Qualify for? Athletic Scholarships. ... College Specific Scholarships. ... Company Sponsored Scholarships. ... Grants for College. ... Honors College Scholarships. ... Merit-Based Scholarships. ... Military Scholarships. ... Minority Scholarships. ... Our Scholarships. ... Religious Scholarships More items...

When do scholarships open?

Most United States students want to know when they should start applying for scholarships. The best answer is TODAY! Students can sign up for Fastweb at the age of 16 and can start accumulating scholarships to help pay for school, years before even beginning the college application process.

When are most scholarship deadlines?

Most scholarship application deadlines fall between October and March, a time when students tend to have the most on their plates academically. New scholarship information might not be posted for every award when you search, but you will get a good idea of which scholarship opportunities you will want to pursue, as well as when their application deadlines are.

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