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Frequently Asked Questions

How many steps are in a high step stool?

Even if you're all done growing, you can give yourself an extra few inches with this 15.6" high step stool. Crafted from manufactured wood, this piece features two steps to help you hop onto a high bed or reach upper corners of a kitchen cabinet.

How do you use a mobility step stool?

Place the mobility step stool next to your bed, bathtub, car or doorway for easy entry! The step stool has six non-slip feet for extra structural integrity and grip. Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic, this step assistant features 12 drain holes for outdoor use.

What is the best step stool to use at home?

The King Brand step stool helps you reach new heights while neatly storing belongings. . The Rubbermaid plastic stool is no-frills in the best way. It is lightweight, can be used all around your home, and has added safety features to ensure your whole family will enjoy using this stool.

What is a folding step stool?

A must-have in any home, dorm or office, the folding step stool. With an easy carry handle, you can conveniently transport the stool to any room in the household. With the height and weight capacity, this stool can hold children and adults. The anti-skid foot pads keep this item safe to use. When not in use the stool easily folds away for storage.

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