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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you Colour Your Hair?

You shouldn't color your hair at home with permanent color more than once every four to six weeks. Permanent hair color can be used more often than that if needed, but it should be avoided due to the possibility of damage to the hair.

How to change the hair colour?

Steps Select which colour you think would look best. This may be based on your eye colour, skin colour, or natural hair colour. Decide whether you want a permanent colour or not. Permanent hair colour can create the most dramatic changes, either lightening or darkening the hair. Decide how you will apply the colour, whether by yourself or by a professional. ... More items...

Does a great salon client consultation?

Do a Great Salon Client Consultation & Win a Client for Life A salon client consultation is just about the most important element when meeting a new client. The consultation sets the tone for the client's entire experience.

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