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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Baltimore Ravens regular season record?

Despite having the same regular season record as the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens were technically third in the AFC North, since they beat the Browns on the division records tiebreaker: In the AFC North, the Ravens were 2–4, while the Browns were 1–5.

Who was the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens?

This in turn made Marchibroda the only man to serve as head coach of both Baltimore's NFL franchises. Ozzie Newsome, the Browns tight end for many seasons, joined Modell in Baltimore as director of football operations. He was later promoted to Vice President/General Manager.

How many Super Bowls have the Baltimore Ravens won?

Ironically, the Ravens' formation necessitated the relocation of the Cleveland Browns ' players and personnel, leaving Cleveland without a team until the Browns resumed operations as an expansion team three years later. Since then the Ravens have usually featured a strong defense and have won two Super Bowl championships.

When did the Baltimore Ravens move to Cleveland?

The plan was for the "Baltimore Browns" to play at Memorial Stadium until a new stadium could be built. However, the decision triggered a flurry of legal activity that ended when representatives of Cleveland and the NFL reached a settlement on February 8, 1996.

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