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Frequently Asked Questions

How old was I when I became a Colts fan?

I have to explain my history, I became a Colts fan in the 2009 season and bought a Manning jersey not too long after the Super Bowl loss against the Saints. I was only 10 years old so I wasn’t aware of the pain I was about to go through. We all know what happened the season following the loss to the Saints.

Where can I watch Browns game on TV?

How to live stream Colts vs Browns on reddit Colts-Browns will kick off at 4:25 ET on CBS locally. Should you need other means to watch the game, it’ll be available on the NFL streams subreddit community. Next:Baker Mayfield has perfect mindset after Browns 3-1 start

Who is the sixth pick of the Cleveland Browns?

[Browns] JOK makes it official! That’s our sixth pick from the 2021 class to sign. . @j_owuu makes it official! That's our sixth pick from the 2021 class to sign. Anthony Schwartz putting in work!

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