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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the starting cornerbacks for the Indianapolis Colts?

Ya-Sin Rock, Xavier Rhodes, and TJ Carrie are the starting cornerbacks for the Indianapolis Colts. Rock is a second-year player, while Rhodes was signed in the offseason after having a down year for the Minnesota Vikings.

Who are the backup quarterbacks for the Indianapolis Colts?

The last few years have been rocky for the Indianapolis Colts as they were thrown into a spiral trying to figure out their quarterback situation. Bringing in Philip Rivers will push Jacoby Brissett back to a backup role.

Who are the best players on the Colts?

Plays balanced and strong while moving at full speed. Fast to reach his top speed. Elite run defender who can two-gap both inside and outside. Will play bigger than his size. Can bend himself back to miss the punch of a blocker while moving downhill. Shows the capability to turn a tight corner.

Who is the outside linebacker for the Colts?

Darius Leonard is an outside linebacker for the Colts and has been one of the top linebackers since entering the league. Leonard can also play middle linebacker and operate on both sides of the defense. He also has produced big fantasy stats in the IDP world. Who Backs Up Philip Rivers?

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