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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years did Andrew Luck play with the Colts?

Luck signed a five-year deal with the Colts in 2016 that was worth approximately $140 million. He played three of the five years on that same contract before retiring. Of course, some still have hope Luck will eventually return to football and help the Colts make a Super Bowl run.

What happened to Andrew Luck in the NFL?

The Colts offensive line did a poor job protecting Luck over the years, and the former NFL quarterback took a beating because of it. He suffered multiple injuries over his final few years in the NFL, resulting in a never-ending process of “injury, pain, rehab,” as he told ESPN.

Who is Andrew Luck and why is he famous?

Andrew Luck is a former quarterback who played for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. He is one of the players who amassed massive success within a short time. There is a saying, “ Health is wealth,” and this statement relates to none other than Andrew himself.

Could Colts QB Andrew Luck return in 2021 NFL Draft?

They will pick 21st in the 2021 NFL Draft, which, barring a trade, would likely put them out of contention for one of the top quarterback prospects and would make the prospect of a Luck return an attractive one. “I would like to say this: As a Colts fan, I tell you what.

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