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What was the Indianapolis Colts record in 2005?

2005 Indianapolis Colts season. The 2005 Indianapolis Colts season was the franchise's 53rd season in the National Football League and 22nd in Indianapolis. The 2005 Colts improved on their 12–4 record from 2004 and finished the season 14–2, but ended in a devastating loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers who eventually went on to win the Super Bowl.

Who was the running back for the Colts in 2006?

The Colts traveled to The Meadowlands for a showdown with the New York Jets. This would be the second time this season that the Colts played at Giants Stadium, as they played the New York Giants in the regular season opener. Indianapolis scored first on a 6-yard touchdown run by running back Dominic Rhodes.

Who is the number 2 running back for the Indianapolis Colts?

Lydell Mitchell sits at the number two spot on the Colts’ rushing yards leaderboard with 5,487 yards. He served his time for the Colts from 1972-1977, barely missing the Colts’ 1971 Super Bowl championship team. Nevertheless, Mitchell proved to all that he was no back to be messed with.

What was the Colts rushing percentage in 2006?

The 2006 Colts surrendered 5.33 rushing yards per attempt, by far the worst since the merger, and seventh-worst in NFL history. Still, the Colts won the championship with the help of the most statistically efficient offense in the league.

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