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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to book an outside table at comedor?

Yes about outdoor (and pretty well spaced for social distancing). In addition, when booking online, it was possible to book an outside table (and if not, to call the restaurant). I believe yes as well about the heaters but not 100% sure, so calling… more

What kind of oil do they use at comedor?

There is also a dill oil they make which is soooo good and compliments everything so well. The quesadilla was easily the star of the show! I'm not the biggest mushroom fan but this was otherworldly. The cheese stretch, the mushrooms are marinated and seasoned to perfection and it comes with this AMAZING home made salsa.

What foods are on the menu at comedor?

I also got the repo ginger drink which was awesome. Michael explained that the menu was in order from lightest dish to heaviest dish and we went from there. We ordered the smoked tuna, octopus, shrimp tostada, the hominy salad, the quesadilla and the tacos de pescado!

What is a high top table at comedor?

We made reservations and when we arrived they handed me a comedor birthday card that the staff signed. When i booked the reservation i booked a high top not knowing what that meant. High tops are longer tables in the middle of the restaurant and can seat multiple parties .

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