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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Best Comedy Central Roast?

5 Best Comedy Roasts of All Time Charlie Sheen (2011) "I respect Charlie Sheen, I do ... not his body of work ... ... Joan Rivers (2009) The late, legendary Joan Rivers was made to be roasted on Comedy Central. ... Hugh Hefner (2001) Hef's New York Friar's Club roast could've been a disaster. ... William Shatner (2006) Sometimes, it's the truth behind the jokes that makes a roast truly great. ... More items...

Which celebrities have been on Comedy Central Roast?

Comedy Central has been roasting all sorts of different celebrities since 1998. The roasts, which usually consist of an hour and a half special of making fun of every aspect of a celebrity’s life, have featured celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Drew Carey and Hugh Hefner.

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