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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Adam Eget leave the Comedy Store?

Unless Adam Eget is pranking both me and his longtime colleagues at The Comedy Store, the club’s longtime booker has announced — on April 1 — that he has left Los Angeles for Austin to run the new comedy club that Joe Rogan plans to open in Texas’s capital city. Austonia broke the news Thursday, and then Eget confirmed it himself.

Who are the comedians at the Comedy Store?

Angel Gaines, Steve Wilson, Mona Shaikh, Jeremy Scippio +more! Get your tickets now! Low Ticket Warning! Get you tickets now! Low Ticket Warning! Submissions for our Open Call For Artists are Now Open! Tickets for Submissions for our Open Call For Artists are Now Open! *SOLD OUT* Best of the Store - Sebastian, Marc Maron, Pauly Shore +more!

Do you have to buy tickets in advance at the Comedy Store?

-Tickets for indoor seated live events must be purchased in advance. There will be no tickets sold at the door and no stand-by lines. -Show attendees must display a negative Covid test before entry.

Who is Robert Adam and what does he do?

Robert Adam is that odd ball with just enough ridiculous insight to make him an idiot. A really funny one, though. Observations, act-outs, and stories that keep audiences laughing. To start in LA featured on Sandi Shore’s (Comedy Store, Paulie’s sister) website, and found attention in a KROC comedy competition.

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