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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Comedy Store in West Hollywood good value?

We didn't book ahead so could only get tickets to the lesser show. Good value for money though although the bigger rooms and shows meant to be a lot funnier. Drinks expense have to buy 2.

Who was the founder of the Comedy Store?

The Store was founded April 7, 1972, on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood by comedian Sammy Shore, his wife Mitzi and comedy writer Rudy DeLuca. It started because Sammy needed a place to work out when he wasn’t on the road. Sammy was the longtime opening act for Elvis Pressley.

Where was the Comedy Store in Las Vegas?

The Comedy Store on Sunset became so successful that Mitzi expanded The Comedy Store to Westwood in 1974, to Pacific Beach in 1976 to La Jolla in 1977 and in 1984 to the Dunes Hotel main showroom in Las Vegas, Sin City’s first all-comedians show. By 1976, The Comedy Store was well established as the “Mecca of Comedy.”

Where to see the best comedians in Los Angeles?

You will catch the best of the best every night of the week in any of the 3 rooms. Its nostalgic, its amazing, and it is the Yankee Stadium of comedy venues in the world. Hang at the bar. outside and you can rub shoulders with most of the A+ comedians working today.

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