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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you walk to Comerica Park?

Comerica Park is walkable from nearly anywhere downtown, and from Brush Park and the Little Caesars Arena district. Comerica Park is not a foodie destination. Every year, baseball stadiums try to outdo each other with ballpark food. In 2017, Comerica Park unveiled the coney pizza to the world (we'll pass, thanks); it's still around.

Where is Comerica Park located?

Comerica Park. Comerica Park is an open-air ballpark located in Downtown Detroit. It serves as the home of the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball, replacing Tiger Stadium in 2000. The park is named after Comerica Bank, which was founded in Detroit and was based there when the park opened.

How big is Comerica Park?

Even though some noted home run hitters in recent years have made it look small at times, Comerica Park is big, from a 420-foot distance to straightaway center field to larger dimensions on either side. But how -- and why -- was it built that way? First, a historical note: Comerica Park used to be bigger.

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