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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Commission doing?

Furthermore, the commission is responsible for the implementation of the EU budget , ensuring, along with the Court of Auditors, that EU funds are correctly spent. In particular the commission has a duty to ensure the treaties and law are upheld, potentially by taking member states or other institutions to the Court of Justice in a dispute.

What does commission only sales mean?

A commission-only sales job or opportunity as we prefer to call it, is a mutually beneficial partnership between a company Principal and a self-employed sales agent, manufacturers rep or sales agency where the agent and company have a contracted working relationship but on very different terms to that of an employee.

What is the etymology of commission?

Etymology. Borrowed from Old French commission, from Latin commissio (“sending together; commission”), from prefix com- (“with”), + noun of action missio (“sending”), from perfect passive participle missus (“sent”), from the verb mittō (“to send”), + noun of action suffix -io .

What is Commission list?

COMMISSION LIST It is understood between Company and the Employee or Independent Contractor that only those customers and types of business set forth in this list shall result in the payment of a commission.

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