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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bank is the Commonwealth Bank?

Commonwealth Bank & Trust has designed the Medical Banking Group specifically to meet the needs of the medical community.

Is there a community bank in Louisville Ky?

As a locally owned community bank, we can provide a team of experienced bankers dedicated to your needs, so you will enjoy banking that’s truly personal. Ask a banker about our Personal Fee Schedule.

How can I access my Commonwealth Bank account?

Access your account quickly and easily. Select a Mortgage team member. Commonwealth Bank & Trust has experienced loan officers ready to help with all of your home financing needs.

When to apply for loan from Commonwealth Bank?

While you search for the right property, your Commonwealth Bank & Trust Loan Officer can pre-qualify you for a loan – usually at the time of application. Having a financing plan in hand lets sellers know that you mean business. And your offer is backed by Commonwealth Bank & Trust’s solid reputation and years of experience.

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