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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about companycam?

“ CompanyCam makes it so simple to collaborate. ” Draw on, add shapes, stickers, and tags to photos to add necessary information or instructions directly on photos. Now, your entire team can know exactly what needs to get done at each step of the process without all the hassle.

Is the companycam app stored in the cloud?

Nope! Every photo that anyone at your company takes using the CompanyCam app is stored in the cloud in your CompanyCam account. If you dismiss an employee then delete them from your CompanyCam account you will still have all of their photos.

Who is the CTO of companycam app?

Things progressed quickly, and Luke brought on Chad Wilken, CompanyCam’s CTO, to make the app shiny and run smoothly. As the app has grown, so has the CompanyCam team . Luke brought on more developers, sales pros, and marketers to round out the business that had become CompanyCam – and hasn’t stopped growing the business since.

How to contact companycam support on the web?

If you're working on the Web - Click the user menu at the top right, then scroll to the bottom of the menu and click 'Chat with Support'. You can also email us at [email protected] Want More?

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