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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is culture so important to workday employees?

Our culture, of course. At Workday, employees have been number one—since day one. Our founders knew that a unique corporate culture would differentiate us and serve as a foundation for our success. So we set out to create an amazing workplace for all.

What makes a company culture a good one?

What makes Bento’s company culture great: No matter their level, employees feel valued in all aspects of their lives, including both their professional and personal aspirations. How you can apply Bento’s ideas: Create a positive culture of leadership and mentoring. Make sure employees are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels.

What makes an evive company culture so great?

What makes Evive’s company culture great: Creating a better world and impacting the lives of others are core values, and their team acts on their passions to support those values. How you can apply Evive’s ideas: Create a culture based on a cause.

What do you mean by culture in recruiting?

“Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing.” “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.” “We try to have the kind of a culture that doesn’t value excuses in the sense that when you’re supposed to accomplish something, and you’re at a high level, then your job is to accomplish it, in spite of difficulty.

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