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Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a strong remote culture in your business?

Take time to focus on team bonding and the company values without the pressure of work. Developing a strong remote culture, where employees feel empowered and trusted to complete their work, is a continuous process that requires time and hard work.

Are remote employees disconnected from their company culture?

Employees who work virtually are even more disconnected from core cultural components. Remote employees are seven percentage points less likely to see their connection to the mission of the company. When employees aren't aligned with what their company stands for, it puts their company's reputation on the line.

Does your culture reflect your remote team's values?

This is true of both remote and in-person teams. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone should always agree—dissent and varied viewpoints are the engine of progress—but it does mean that everyone should share passion about your vision and values. “Culture is a reflection of the shared values and mission of the company.”

How remote companies can nurture a culture of empowerment?

Remote companies can nurture this type of environment by prioritizing good communication skills during hiring, providing the necessary tools, channels, and opportunities for communication, and by giving people space to be themselves.

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