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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company's remote work culture strong?

Strong work cultures give people an unshakable sense of belonging. Note: Your company’s remote work culture could be the same as your traditional work culture, but it might also look radically different. Pinpoint the difference by subtracting any element of your culture tied to physical space.

How does culture impact employee retention in remote teams?

Since remote teams are physically distanced, building a culture is a bigger challenge, but the need is even greater without in-person interactions to build culture. When a company lives up to its core values, its culture will transform employees into advocates, enrich their wellbeing, and ensure the company retains its top talent.

How to create a high-performing remote culture?

It’s much easier to create a high-performing remote culture if everyone on the team understands the company’s vision. Settle on a clear and concise way of describing that mission, communicate it to your teams, and continue to reinforce it. This reminds people of the importance of what they’re accomplishing together.

What is a remote work environment?

Part of traditional company cultures is the environment employees work in. Typically this is the office space including open floor plans, foosball tables, and maybe even a boulder wall. Remote employees are often working from a home office, kitchen table, or even a couch.

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