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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a culture of recognition and reward?

And one of the best ways to do so is through reward and recognition programs – ensuring that the individuals and teams that create your company culture are people who feel valued, respected and who understand that they are critical to its successes. Employee recognition can help create a healthy company culture.

Should you give out awards or rewards to your employees?

It’s important to remember that even adults want to be recognized for doing a job well. Both accolades awarded to your company and rewards given to employees can do that. Both kinds of awards are valuable for a variety of reasons, and can provide a big boost to company culture, values, morale and team cohesiveness. Here’s how.

How to design a reward and recognition programme for your employees?

Moreover, designing a reward and recognition programme that links directly to your organisation’s values ensures that your employees are engaged for the right reasons and in a way that will help build the culture that you want. For example, if innovation is important to your business, make sure people are recognised for it.

Does your culture really work for your business?

If your culture is to really work for you, if it is to support how your business achieves its goals, it is essential that you play a proactive role in its development. In short, you have to build it.

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