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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the statistics about the company culture?

91% of managers in the U.S. say a candidate’s alignment with the company culture is equal to or more important than skills and experience. 65% of employees think they would be more productive at home than in the office.

How does the company culture affect employee engagement?

Company culture influences employee engagement, which has a direct impact on performance. Highly engaged teams outperform their peers by 10% in customer ratings, 21% in productivity and 22% in profitability (source). Simply put, engaged workers are productive workers, and productive workers are profitable workers.

What do you need to know about corporate culture?

If any of these stats felt like they hit close to home for your business, then it’s time to look into how to improve your company culture, such as how to improve internal communications, and better recognize achievements and engage with your employees.

What's the likelihood of a high company culture?

A Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with high company culture is a mere 13.9 percent, whereas the probability of job turnover in low company cultures is 48.4 percent.

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