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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cheat codes for company of Heros?

Here are the codes: FOW_RevealAll --- Toggles the fog of war/ Allows you to see whole map and units. There are other cheats for this game, but the basics are these. The Following is a link to a similar guide for the first Company of Heros, it's the same cheat commands and you may use it as a reference.

How do I launch COH2 on Steam?

First of all, to begin using these commands, you need to set a launch parameter for the next time your game is launched. To do this navigate to your COH2 game in the Steam Library, right click on it and select properties. In the tab that opens up you should see an option to set launch parameters.

Do you think the AI cheat?

The AI does cheat, but it is so dumb that it doesn't really justify a good player losing to it. Maybe you just didn't play AI so long you forgot how to do it, you need to really push it mistakes, and these happen very often. If you play too conservatively, like some players do in automatch, you will have harder time against AI.

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