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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the movie company of Heroes about?

Company of Heroes (2013) American soldiers lost behind enemy lines during the WWII make a horrific discovery: Hitler has a super bomb in development. Against all odds, they set out to find the scientist in charge of the program who is looking to defect.

Who is the publisher of Company of Heroes?

Company of Heroes Genre (s) Real-time strategy Developer (s) Relic Entertainment Publisher (s) THQ Sega Platform (s) Windows OS X Linux iOS Android 3 more rows ...

What is the release date of Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes 3 was announced by Relic and Sega in July 2021. The game is set to take place once again in WW2, this time, in Italy and some parts of the North African Campaign. It is set to release some time in 2022.

What are the technical features of Company of Heroes?

Company of Heroes is Relic's first title to use its Essence Engine, which allows various graphical effects, including high dynamic range lighting, dynamic lighting and shadows, advanced shader effects, and normal mapping . Company of Heroes also uses the Havok physics engine, giving it a more realistic physics system than previous RTS games.

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