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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a plumber?

Another reason why you need a plumber to do a repair work is if you are living in a building where water is leaking in. A 24 hour plumber would be able to find the leak and fix it quickly, saving you time and money. A certified plumber will make sure the repairs comply with guidelines for home or building owners.

How do plumbers find leaks?

Ground microphones or listening discs are some of the acoustic listening devices that a plumber might use to find plumbing leaks. Some plumbers also use an acoustic amplifier to amplify the sound of plumbing leaks that may be otherwise too quiet to hear. Plumbers often use video inspect to find hidden leaks.

What is a certified plumber?

Being a certified plumber is a lot more than someone who is able to unclog a drain. The plumbing profession often requires a very skilled professional who must pass a very strict certification process to be licensed to do their job. A professional licensed plumber deals with so much more than the repair and installation of water pipes.

What is a plumbing company?

Plumbing businesses can tackle small repairs, including stopped toilets or leaking faucets, but can also do big business for major projects, including hospital construction, city pipelines and housing developments. Plumbers belong to a job sector encompassing 555,900 jobs in the U.S.

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