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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate purpose statement?

The purpose of your company is to provide a certain service or product to your clients. The statement of purpose should, therefore, illustrate how you will improve the lives of those you serve. Not only is a business purpose statement a good thing to have, but it can also provide a competitive advantage...

What is the goal of a company?

A goal, in business, describes what a company expects or hopes to accomplish over a specific period. In other words, where it hopes to be at a future date. People commonly use the term ‘business goal‘ with the same meaning. On a personal level, a goal is an idea of a desirable or future result that people envision, plan, and commit to achieving.

What is corporate mission statement?

Corporate Mission Statement. A Corporate Mission Statement is a Mission Statement that is written for the purpose of helping a corporation develop their mission for the future of the company. Company Mission Statement. A Company Mission Statement is what helps to keep your company moving and thinking about it's future plans.

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