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Frequently Asked Questions

What can company wrench do for heavy equipment?

Company Wrench, a leading heavy construction equipment dealer, servicing the construction, demolition, recycling, scrap, waste, utility & other industries. We offer the ability for you to rent or buy our wide variety of heavy equipment depending on your situation.

Is there a car repair shop without a wrench?

Wrench is a full service auto repair shop without the shop! Our mobile mechanics service all types of cars and trucks, offering everything from oil changes and tune ups to brake jobs and no-starts.

Who is monkey wrench plumbing in Los Angeles?

Monkey Wrench Plumbing in Los Angeles has the tools, the skills, and the speed to make sure your pipes are flowing smoothly in no time. Our team handles every kind of residential and commercial plumbing job under the sun, from routine repair to complex jobs, from drain cleaning to replacing your water heater.

Why is beaker and Wrench an industry leader?

Beaker & Wrench™ is an industry leader for a reason – we have the scientific acumen and practical experience to help you take your business to the next level.

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