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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of website is compare the market Australia? is an Australian price comparison website operated by Compare the Market Pty Ltd. It offers a service for customers to compare a range of general insurance, health insurance, life insurance, energy and personal finance products.

When did compare the market start in Australia? was launched in Australia in 2012, six years after the launch of in the United States & UK. Using the service, Australian customers can compare a number of products based on price, features, and more.

How can I compare health insurance in Australia?

Australians should ensure their home & belongings can be replaced or repaired, in case of theft or destruction. Use our comparison service to find health insurance that may help pay for treatment costs as a private patient, etc.

Who is the head of compare the market?

Compare the Market is perhaps best known for its marketing campaigns featuring meerkat characters Aleksandr Orlov and his Head of IT, Sergei. The meerkat advertisements started with Aleksandr Orlov's mission to clear the confusion up for Australians who mistook his website for

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