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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Norton come with LifeLock?

Cyber safety can help. That's where Norton comes in. Norton with LifeLock offers security for your digital life - by helping to protect your PCs and Macs ®, mobile devices, privacy, Internet-connected home network, and now your identity.

Is LifeLock the best identity theft protection?

While no identity theft protection service can actually prevent theft, LifeLock is one of only a few companies to offer the next best thing: monitoring and restoration services. LifeLock's Ultimate Plus™ plan tracks your credit scores, your banking info, and whether your personal details show up online, looking for signs of fraudulent activity.

Is Norton AntiVirus any good?

It cannot be said ‘Norton is good’ cause antiviruses works different according to computer specifications. Norton is said good because of its protection but there are many better choices like Avast, avira, Bitdefender etc. Norton is known for good security but it affects the computer performance.

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