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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Norton 360 or Internet Security?

In fact, Norton 360 is better than Norton Internet Security 2007 in some respects, namely that it's lighter on system resources, the tools are better integrated, and it presents a much better design model than the current Norton product line. But more advanced users should stay with the Internet security suites for now.

What kind of protection does Norton 360 offer?

Norton 360 Standard - Basic Norton 360 Plan Real-time malware scanning. Smart firewall. Password manager. 10 GB cloud storage. Webcam protection (Windows only). Dark web monitoring (US only). A lot of antiviruses put limits on the VPNs, password managers, and other tools in their lower-tier programs, but Norton 360 Standard provides full access ...

Do I still need Norton 360?

Yes. Norton AntiVirus Plus is ideal to protect one PC or Mac. It offers powerful protection for your device and personal information on it. However, Norton 360 provides multiple layers of protection for devices and online privacy for the whole family.

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