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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your computer is locked?

According to the message, only "Microsoft Technicians" are capable of solving the problem and victims must contact them via a contact button provided. A code is then supposedly provided to unlock the system. This is a scam. "Your computer is locked !" is fake.

Is it possible to be scammed by computer hackers?

With increased computer use there is the increased risk of being scammed by computer hackers. The most recent outbreak, so far only reported in the US, UK, Canada and Australia but likely to spread, is one of the more malicious internet scams to come along in some time. How does the scam work?

Is the my computer has been locked popup real?

Once again, this is just a fake message and your computer is not infected, windows has not detected anything, the site has no ability to report anything to Google, and the site has no idea what is happening on your computer.

What does the " your computer was locked " message mean?

"Your computer was locked" fake error message is presented in both text and audio formats. As stated in this fake "Your computer was locked" error message, this is a security warning which implies that an error " # DT00X02 " has occurred on a computer and it is now locked.

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