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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Computershare?

Contacting Computershare - by phone or otherwise. While 800-736-3001 is Computershare's best toll-free number, there are 4 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other Computershare customers, is by calling their 800-626-8729 phone number for their Customer Service department.

Is Computershare legitimate, safe?

ComputerShare is a legitimate business and not a scam. Its products, equity investments, are not insured since all stocks have risks of principal loss. However, investing through ComputerShare is not for everyone because they deal with a limited number of companies that each sets its own restrictions and fees.

What is Computershare's DTC number?

- Computershare's DTC number, 7807. - The number of whole shares you wish to move from your Computershare account. to your brokerage account. The Company in which you own stock has elected to use the Direct Registration System (DRS) as its means of recording stock ownership.

What does Computershare do?

Computershare primarily provides stock registration and transfer services to companies listed on stock markets, but also offers technology services for stock exchanges, investor services for shareholders and employee share plan management.

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