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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you finance a condo?

Financing for condos is available through conventional, FHA and VA loans, although condo guidelines and lender overlays for each one may vary. Getting approved for a condo mortgage is basically the same for the borrower with regards to employment, income and assets.

Can you rent a condominium?

Typically, if you want to rent your condominium out you'll need to get permission from your condo association to do so. In a perfect world, all condominium owners would be able to rent their units out, but that's not possible for several reasons.

What are the different types of condominiums?

Different Types Of Condos Available That You Should Know About Freehold Condominiums. By the term itself, we can get the fact that these condos are owned by the developer. ... Leasehold Condominiums. Here is the second major category of condominiums. ... Conclusion: So these are the two major different types of condominiums available. You can pick the one according to your choice.

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