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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say condolences in Spanish?

You just need to choose which one is more appropriate for each scenario. Lo siento is probably the most common way to express condolences in Spanish, as it’s the English equivalent of “I’m sorry”. For more emphasis, you could say lo siento mucho, which would translate to “I’m really sorry”.

What are the best sympathy cards in Spanish?

Sympathy in Spanish with Mango Colored Calla Lily … Spanish Loss of a Mother Sympathy Crimson Rose car… Spanish Sympathy Con Simpatia Sunset Cross Beach T… With deepest Sympathy in Spanish, white flower, mi… Spanish Sympathy Card-Loss of Father/La Simpatia-…

What is the word for with deepest sympathy in Spanish?

With deepest Sympathy in Spanish, Pale Yellow Rose… Spanish, Loss of Father, Padre, Ivory Rose, Sympat… Spanish Sympathy Catholic-Simpatia/Catolico Greeti… Spanish Loss of a Grandmother Sympathy Crimson Ros…

How do you say condolences for the loss of a mother?

"Sincere condolences on the loss of your mother" and an inside verse, which you may also change, reads; "Our thoughts are with you and your family at this most difficult time of loss." A lovely rose in deep shades of purple in Spanish for the loss of a mother for a lovely way to offer your sympathy.

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