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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie condcondor?

Condor: Created by Todd Katzberg, Ken Robinson, Jason Smilovic. With Max Irons, Kristen Hager, Bob Balaban, Sam McCarthy. A brilliant, young, idealistic CIA analyst finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that kills everyone else at his office. Can he, with no field experience, stay alive long enough to get to the bottom of it?

What is the plot of the movie Condor?

Storyline. Based on the novel "Six Days of the Condor" by James Grady and screenplay "Three Days of the Condor" by Lorenzo Semple Jr. and David Rayfiel, CONDOR follows CIA analyst Joe Turner who stumbles onto a plan that threatens the lives of millions. Joe has always been conflicted about his work for the CIA.

Is the Gerber Gator 18 inch good?

Originally I bought the 18 inch Gerber gator while I happened to be in rei, made the mistake of not reading some reviews first, destroyed the blade in about a week with light-medium duty use, like many before me. Really surprised me because Gerber has always made great quality stuff.

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