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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Condor?

Vive: Your system must meet our requirements above, and the requirements of Condor stated here. Intel i3, i5, i7 CPU or equivalent. A dedicated graphics card with 1 GB memory. The graphics card should have benchmark ( result of 1000 minimum, 4000 is very good and 8000 perfect.

What does condcondor make?

Condor manufactures motorcycle wheel chocks for use in a garage, or on any truck, trailer, or transportation platform. We also make devices for the towing and recovery business, so that motorcycles can be safely towed on flatbed or wrecker trucks. In addition, we make other motorcycle accessories that can be found on our website.

Is there a motorcycle in the Condor Condor?

It didn’t hit any other vehicles (we were on a 4 lane Hwy) and came to a rest on top of a guard rail. Inside the cargo trailer was a brand new Custom builtchopper motorcycle. It was still intact in the CONDOR Wheel Chock, I could have kissed that Wheel Chock!!! Hello just want to say that the Condor was the easiest assembly and simple install!

Does Condor support analogous controls for all glider controls?

Since Condor supports multiple input devices, you can create real analogous controls for all glider controls.

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