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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ideal Industries wire connectors?

IDEAL Industries first wire connector was called wire-nut®, and had become the trade name for any twist-on wire connector. IDEAL Industries provides information on their wire connectors including connector color coding that indicates size.

What type of wire connector should I use for my project?

Twister® - IDEAL considers this the most common wire connector for residential projects. This is also very commonly used for commercial construction. They are available in three sizes. The shell expands when tightening to ensure a secure connection.

Are connect connector colors and sizes the same within the industry?

Connector colors and sizes are are not the same within the industry, but they are similar to IDEAL’s connectors. Ideal Wire Range Chart - A two page quick reference for matching wire size, number of wires, and wire connector color code.

What is the original size of a precision connector?

Precision connector, developed by Mario Maury in 1974. 2.92 mm will thread to cheaper SMA and 3.5 mm connectors. Often called "2.9 mm". The original mass-marketed 2.92 mm connector, made by Wiltron (now Anritsu).

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