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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a consulate?

A consulate is the home and offices of a consul, a representative of a foreign government who is similar to an ambassador. Consuls assist their countrymen while abroad, and they may issue visas and participate in other activities which are intended to facilitate friendly relations between their home and host nations.

What is a consulate vs embassy?

Difference Between Embassy and Consulate. Embassy and consulate refer to government representations in a foreign country. A country will have only one Embassy in another nation whereas it will have a number of consulates in various cities. An embassy is the larger representation, but a consulate is only a smaller version of the embassy.

What are roles and duties of Consulate General?

A critical role of a consul general is to make public appearances that enhance diplomatic ties with host countries. For instance, she may visit the opening of a children's hospital or medical research facility dedicated to fulfilling unmet needs in the local area.

What is the plural of consulate?

The plural form of consulate is consulates.

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