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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Swanson Health Products?

It was founded by Leland Swanson — a man who was always striving to find help for his arthritis. He ended up starting Swanson Health Products, a small family-run business that sold vitamins.

Are Swanson vitamins safe and well tested?

The Swanson Vitamins are all safe and well tested because the company makes them personally. These vitamins are a cheaper and better option for lots of customers the vitamins are high-quality and do not cost a fortune. When looking at hundreds of products you can often forget about some or what to compare them.

What discounts does Swanson offer for new customers?

In addition to its regular promotions, Swanson offers a one-time, 20 percent off deal to new customers who sign up for the mailing list. This discount can only be used the first order but is a great deal for all of its products.

How much does Swanson shipping cost?

Swanson ships both domestically and internationally. Domestic shipping starts at $4.99 and will arrive 7–10 business days from the ship date. International shipping also starts at $4.99 but will incur an additional freight cost based upon the weight of the order and the destination, which will be calculated during your checkout process.

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