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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tax form for contractors?

Tax forms for the independent contractor. The IRS advises employers to keep each independent contractor's Form W-9 on file for four years in the event that any questions arise from either the contractor or the IRS. The primary form to file for accurate tax payments to contractors is Form 1099-MISC.

Do roofing contractors work in the rain?

Working in the rain puts the roofing contractor’s crew at a greater risk of falling, because wet shingles are slippery. For that reason, contractors keep a close eye on the weather forecast when setting their schedule for roofing tear-offs, replacements and repairs.

What is a roofing contract?

What a roofing contract should contain: • A lien release, which protects you from liability should the roofer fail to pay his or her subcontractors or roofing material suppliers who worked on your project. • A termination clause, which spells out reasons you or the contractor can end the agreement without penalty if the contract terms are violated.

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