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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coolant the same thing as anti-freeze?

In fact, coolant is not the same as antifreeze, and to get a better sense of the main difference between the two, works take a closer look at the main job of the coolant in your cooling system. Any engine is expected to release a huge amount of heat, raising, and temperature beyond the proper level.

What is the best coolant?

Havoline is known for making high-quality fluids such as engine oil and other related products. They also make one of the best quality engine coolant and antifreeze like this one – Havoline Xtended Life. We can safely say that coolant from this brand can be used with any vehicle with ethylene coolant and perform a 100% result.

What does coolant look like?

Coolant will be a translucent liquid with usually an orange or green tint with a sweet smell. If there is a layer of substance that settles on top of it that has a rainbow like reflection to it then you have oil mixed in it.

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