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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coors make a light beer?

Coors light is the only domestic light beer that is not heat pasteurized but is cold filtered. Follow along as I show you how Coors brews it's beers. These pictures where taken during my training at the Coors Brewing Plant in Golden,Colorado. The first step in the malting process is steeping.

Who is in the Coors family?

The group consists of the Corr siblings, Andrea (lead vocals, tin whistle, ukulele), Sharon (violin, keyboards, vocals), Caroline (drums, percussion, piano, bodhrán, vocals) and Jim (guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals).

What beer does Coors make?

Coors is responsible for over twenty different brands of beer in North America and the UK. The main brands are Coors and Killian's. Molson brands include Carling Black Label and Molson Canadian.

Who owns Coors Brewery?

The entire ownership situation was complicated: "In the United States, Coors is majority owned by MillerCoors (a subsidiary of SABMiller) and minority owned by Molson Coors, though internationally it’s entirely owned by Molson Coors, and Miller is owned by SABMiller.".

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