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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get copyright protection for something?

Print out the form and complete it. Refer to the form for guidance as to the number of copies of your work you need to include with your package and ... Make a copy or copies of your copyrighted work. Refer to the Fee page of the U.S. ... Package your application, check and copyrighted work together in one package. ...

What is a copyright name?

A copyright, trademark and business name are 3 distinct business assets often confused by business owners. A copyright is a form of protection provided by U.S. laws to the authors of "original works of authorship", while a trademark is intended to protect brand property such as logos, business names and services.

What is a copyright picture?

A copyright-free image is one that is provided by the photographer to be used by any person. However, the owner of the picture or photographer may still own a copyright on a particular photo or image, but simply has provided authorization for the image to be used by others.

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