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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a copyright notice?

Part 1 Determine if your work is protected by copyright. Create the appropriate symbol. Identify the year of publication. State your name or the name of the copyright owner. Place the copyright notice on your work. Include a rights statement.

What three things might be included in a copyright notice?

The three things included on a copyright notice are the copyright symbol, the year of first publication and the owner of the copyright. While once required by law, the copyright notice is now an optional symbol used at the discretion of the copyright owner.

What is the proper format of a copyright notice?

A copyright notice generally begins with the word copyright, the abbreviation copr. or the copyright symbol, which is the letter C in a circle. This is followed by the year of copyright and the name of the author. For example, "Copyright 2012 John Doe" is a common format for a copyright notice.

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