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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for the Copyright Office?

Copyright Office Contact Phone Number is : 011 2336 2436. Copyright Office provides registration facility to all types of works including literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works etc. to its creator or producer. It ensure and protects the originality of work from unauthorized uses. The Copyright office also provides reiteration facility...

How do you register your copyright?

To register a copyright, a person must submit an application to the U.S. Copyright Office. This application generally consists of the application form, a copy of your work (which is non-returnable), and a non-refundable filing fee.

How to register copyright?

To register a copyright, you must submit three things to the Copyright Office: A completed application form. In most instances, you can submit an online form or mail a paper form. ... A filing fee for online forms or paper forms. Copies of the work you are registering.

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