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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Boral truexterior trim cost?

How much does Boral trim cost? Product Available in Shown Counties Only SKU Name MFG List Price BC44066 16' BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X6X16 128/UN $56.52/EA BC44086 16' BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X8X16 96/UN $74.73/EA BC44106 16' BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X10X16 80/UN $95.71/EA BC44126 16' BORAL TRUEXTERIOR TRIM 1X12X16 64/UN $116.76/EA

What does truexterior siding and trim look like?

It has the versatility and toughness to stand up to extreme weather, ground contact and damage from bugs. TruExterior gives pros total freedom to create custom looks with authentic siding and trim profiles that can be cut, milled, glued, stained and painted to achieve outstanding curb appeal that homeowners can’t resist.

What kind of material is Boral siding made of?

Boral TruExterior trim and siding material is made of fly ash, a byproduct of burning coal, along with a proprietary blend of polymers. According to Boral, it is nearly impervious to moisture and termites, and is suitable for ground and masonry contact.

How big is a Boral Hardie siding board?

The boards aren't as heavy and the material cuts just like wood. The boards also come in 16ft. lengths. These definitely become tricky to move around without breaking. We had good luck sliding them around the jobsite and then lifting them with two people. The Hardie Board comes in 12ft. lengths.

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