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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is EWR from NYC?

The total distance from EWR to New York, NY is 9 miles. This is equivalent to 15 kilometers or 8 nautical miles. Your trip begins at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. It ends in New York, New York. Your flight direction from EWR to New York, NY is East (79 degrees from North).

Do I have to prepay for your EWR parking rates?

One of the major benefits to parking at Value Parking over the competition is that we do not require you to prepay for your reservation. All that we require is a $10 deposit in order to guarantee your EWR parking rates and hold a parking spot on the date and time that you requested.

Does Newark Airport have long term parking?

Newark Airport Long Term Parking provides both long term and short term parking at competitive rates. When a customer arrives at the parking lot, the customer can choose between valet and self-parking. If customers chooses valet parking, he or she will follow the VALET signs to the waiting attendants.

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