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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does professional hair dye cost?

It will also depend on your geographical location, the number of colors you want, the length of your hair and the salon/stylist you choose. For just the hair coloring, you should be prepared to pay $45 to $115.

How much do hair highlights cost?

On average, highlights can cost anywhere from $75 to as much as $250 once you factor in the cut and shampoo. The cost of highlights will depend on the salon and the stylist, the length, color of your hair, the color you wish to dye your hair, and the number of highlights desired.

How much does hair color cost?

Nationally, the average price for hair coloring and highlights is $60 - $130. The type of coloring service - all-over color, balayage, highlights, or lowlights - affects the total cost of the styling. Hair stylists almost always offer both hair cutting and coloring services, but some specialize in coloring and highlights.

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